We understand what good quality Sales and Relationship Management behaviours look, sound and feel like. Whether you use the term customers or clients, your organisation needs your customers/clients to trust in your ability to provide the right solution at the right time for them.

Whilst your product or service can be replicated by your competitors its the people who deliver for you that make the difference. You know this – we know this, so its critical that you provide the best training for your teams.

Our extensive expertise in analysing ‘what good looks like’ then breaking it down into behaviours and activities that can be repeated, consistently (without losing the personality that individuals provide!) really can make a difference to your business performance.

Whether its an existing, proven approach that you need to train into new employees on the front line or your business requires a new, innovative approach as your market is/will be changing, we can support your drive to improve quantity and quality of sales.

Our DNA is in defining Sales/Relationship Management behaviours in a highly regulated environment which ensures success can be replicated across an organisation (and if necessary auditable). We have utilised this methodology across many different sectors in ensuring it becomes a ’best practice approach’ thats right for the client/customer, practitioner and business.

Even when delivering transactional sales, but especially with high value customers/clients you want them to come back to you time and again – to build a long term ‘trusted partner’ relationship thats good for them – and you.

Building a trusted ‘partner’ relationship with your customers/clients requires knowledge, skills and attitudes using effective, techniques and the psychology behind why and how you get people to buy – rather than the old ‘hard sell’ days – thankfully long gone!

LBLC Ltd can be your trusted partner to work with with your business leaders and L and D teams to deliver solutions that improve performance and leave a lasting legacy.

We can provide expertise to analyse, design, build and deliver blended learning programmes covering complete development paths to one off workshops that kick start an initiative covering:

  • Bespoke sales training for front line teams across all sectors whether its telephone to face to face or a combination
  • Complex Relationship Management environments with high value clients
  • Sales and Relationship Management training/coaching for Sales Managers
  • Psychology of Sales and Relationship Management
  • Performance Management training for all levels of the sales and relationship management teams
  • Additional training resource to support large initiatives

Our solutions will be worked on with you to ensure time, cost and least time away from their role is achieved – whilst delivering learning that sticks. We could use the 70/20/10 approach including social learning – if its appropriate – it might not be – it depends on your business and learners specific needs.

Speak to us to discuss your current situation and how you see the future. We can then help support and deliver a solution that improves your people and business performance so that your vision becomes a reality.