Millions of words have been written about Leadership. Heres a few more…..

Every business requires leaders at all levels to be effective, some people don’t see themselves as leaders – but to others they are.

Is Leadership born or can it be trained – in my experience (and its my opinion and words!) I have seen people grow into leadership positions from different starting points.

First of all there needs to be desire internally for someone to ‘want’ to be a leader. For others its more natural. As a small personal example, one of our children attracts people who want to listen to them, respects their views/opinions and follow their lead. Not always, but it is noticeable that it happens. This appears to comes to them naturally – not through them overtly wanting to be a leader but its the way they behave and their actions that gets others to follow.

On the flip side we have worked with many individuals who didn’t have the desire (to start with) as they were placed into leadership roles without realising what it entailed – rightly or wrongly! They were then given the tools to support them and they grew into the role and the desire to be better leaders came later.

At LBLC Ltd we recognise that organisations need to grow their leaders at whatever level in order to increase business performance.

Whether they have an inherent desire or are placed into leadership roles we can provide the techniques, ideas and behaviours that help them grow into successful leaders.

We can provide expertise to analyse, design, build and deliver bespoke learning programmes covering complete development paths to one off workshops that cover:

  • Assessment centres for potential leaders using competency based models
  • Leadership programmes for newly appointed or about to be appointed leaders
  • Refresher programmes with innovative twists to reinvigorate existing leadership teams

All our programmes can be delivered through a mix of learning methods (blended learning) to minimise time away from their role. It can be learning on the job, combined with mobile technology or face to face – whichever is appropriate for your business and leaders.