We can provide Consultancy/Training/Project Management capability from a pool of trusted associates across all business sectors.

We work as partners to identify, analyse and deliver bespoke and off the shelf solutions.

From analysis/design through to implementing training/development solutions.

You trust us as a client and we ensure that our associates work as trusted partners with you. We will only consider associates who we have personally worked with previously or who are recommended directly by someone who we have worked with in the past. This, together with an assurance that we not only match associates skills, but also a culture match for your organisation ensures that a successful, trusted partnership is built as quickly as possible.

We provide a unique blend of solutions that deliver bottom line profit by increasing peoples capability.


If you are considering working with us as an associate please note that we prefer to partner with individuals who we have worked with in the past. Alternatively you can be recommended by someone who has previously worked directly with us. Therefore if you can’t fulfil that criteria please don’t be offended if we politely decline your approach to work as an associate.